Ane Brun

Ane Brun is a Norwegian international songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist now living in Stockholm. Since 2003 she has recorded eight albums.  Her music has charted worldwide, reaching number 1 in Sweden and Norway.

Calexico with Naim Amor

Calexico evolved from members of Giant Sand.  The two primary members, Joey Burns and John Convertino were members of Giant Sand in the mid 90s.  Since then, Calexico had produced over 15 CDs, albums and DVDs, several which have charted worldwide.  Their music can be heard in more than 30 films and TV shows, including the episodes Kennedy and Heidi, from the Sopranos and Better Call Saul, from Breaking Bad.

Daniele Groff

Daniele is an Italian singer/ songwriter who has charted with top 10 hits in Italy.  He has made several recordings and was the winner of the prestigious 2006 JPF Music Awards in the category Best Pop Song.

Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois is a record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is noted as the award winning producer of the multi- platinum U2 recordings The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, as well as other U2 recordings.  He produced the well regarded Emmylou Harris record Wrecking Ball, as well as recordings by Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and many others.
He has made several solo recordings and contributed his playing on almost every important artist of the last 30 years.  His music appears in dozens of movies including the bulk of the soundtrack for Slingblade. He is a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Diego Mercuri and the Wrecking Band

This is a band from the heart of the earthquake affected area, with members who have had extensive house damage.  They have played many benefits for the towns affected by the earthquake, and for reconstruction of the infrastructure.  They have produced a CD, just finished a video and are working on their second CD.

Giant Sand

Giant Sand is a band from Tucson Arizona led by Howe Gelb.  They have produced narly 30 albums and CDs, and provided music for the soundtracks of several movies.  The former rhythm section became the band Calexico while guest artists over the last 3 decades have included Victoria Williams, Neko Case, Juliana Hatfield, P J Harvey, Vic Chesnutt, Steve Wynn, Vicki Peterson, Rainer Ptacek, M. Ward, and nearly all the members of Poi Dog Pondering.
Giant Sand contributes two songs on this CD, one featuring Lonna Kelly and the other with

Gionni di Clemente

Gionni di Clemente is a specialist in obscure instruments and combining ancient sounds with a modern vibe.  He plays 10-string classical guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, oud, bouzouki, mandolin, sitar. He has produced several recordings with jazz, classical and electronic influences.  He also resides in the earthquake affected area.

Jason Lytle

Gionni di Clemente is a specialist in obscure instruments and combining ancient sounds with a modern vibe.  He plays 10-string classical guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, oud, bouzouki, mandolin, sitar. He has produced several recordings with jazz, classical and electronic influences.  He also resides in the earthquake affected area.

John Parish

John Parish is an English singer songwriter who has worked extensively with P J Harvey.  He has also worked extensively with Tracie Chapman, the Eels and Giant Sand.  John has 5 solo recordings to his credit and has appeared on over 30 other recordings of prominent artists. His music can be heard on over 10 films and TV shows, including The Sum of All Fears. She has collaborated with Peter Gabriel and many other prominent artists.  She has supplied music for the soundtracks of Breaking Bad, 90210 and a dozen other films and shows.


Lightpole are a psychedelic electro-rock band from Marche, Italy, they play just original music and they are very sensitive to social and environmental contents.

Martin Taylor and Alison Burns

Martin Taylor is the perennial winner of all the British jazz guitar polls.  He is the guitarist who took the immortal Django Reinhardt’s place in Stephane Grappelli’s band.  Famously, Jeff Beck announced that Martin was his favorite guitarist.  He has played with everybody, from Chet Atkins, to Bill Wyman to Steve Howe and created compelling duos with the Australian guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel.  He is a member of the British Empire.
He is joined by the Scottish jazz singer Alison Burns for with a touching original composition. Alison specializes in the Great American Songbook strongly influenced by Peggy Lee and Lena Horne.

M Ward

Matthew Stephen (M) Ward is an American singer songwriter noted for his explorations of folk and blues.  He has produced solo work, formed a duo with the actress Zooey Dechanel known as She and Him, and is a member of  Monsters of Folk with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes.
He has released eight recordings and his music can be heard on the Sopranos episode Kennedy and Heidi, True Blood, House, The Good Wife and many other movies and TV shows.

Naim Amor

is a Parisian born musician.  He has composed soundtracks between recording his albums. He completed the award winning score for the PBS documentary film “Precious Knowledge.


Nobraino is an important and politically active Italian band.  They were formed just north of the earthquake affected zone in 1996 and have a large following and often play in the towns affected by the earthquake.  They have produced 5 big selling recordings in Italy.


Nuju is prominent in the Italian indie. hard and alternative rock scene.  They have produced 5 recordings, and remain active musically and politically.

Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca is an American singer- songwriter who plays solo and with his band, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden.  He has made 6 recordings and can often be seen on the late night programs, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  He has played with Taj Mahall, John Lee Hooker, John Mayer and Johnny Cash.

Rocky Votolato

Is an American singer song writer from Texas.  He has over 15 recordings to his credit, both as a solo artists and as a member of the group waxwing. His music can be heard on the shows The O.C., One Tree Hill and several other shows.

Sick Tamburo

Sick Tamburo is an Italian musical group formed by Gian Maria Accusani and Elisabetta Imelio, formerly of the top Italian group Prozad+.  They have several recordings to their credit and are very important in the Italian alternative music scene.

Sid Griffin

Sid Griffin is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist-mandolinist, bandleader, and author. He led the Long Ryders in the 1980s, founded the bluegrass band, the Coal Porters, in the 1990s, has recorded several solo albums and is the author of volumes on Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and bluegrass music.

Tracii Guns

Tracii Guns is an American guitarist best known as the founder the metal band LA Guns,  as well as Brides of Destruction and Contraband. He was also one of the original members of Guns and Roses. He has gold records to his credit, and his music can be hear in the movies Point Break, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man and several others.

Vinicio Capossela

Vinicio Capossela, born in Germany to Italian parents, has produced over 15 recordings.  Heqvily influenced by Tom Waits, his songs are compelling and literary. His music has been featured in many European movies. Considered one of the most important Italian musicians he is also the author of three books and the subject of many books, himself.

My town doesn’t exist any more.

Sindaco di Amatrice - Sergio Pirozzi.

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